Brazil Geoid 2011

The computation of the Geoid N for the Brazil was carried out in 2011 with the DFHRS-software version 4.2 in a cooperation between IAF/HSKA and the Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística (IBGE) Rio de Janeiro. The computations were done at he Geomatics Department of HSKA in the frame of the masterthesis of M.Güldenpfenning, titled Computation and Quality Assessment of Datum-Transformation and Geoid Databases as Basic Components of the Geodetic Infrastructure (GIPS) for the GNSS-Positioning Service of Brazil. Fig. 1 shows the mesh and patch design of the computation design. The result of a closed continuous QGeoid over Brasil has an accuracy of 3-10 cm.

Fig.:1: Mesh and Patch Design DFHRS-computation of the Brazil Geoid N based on EGM2008 and Brazil fitting Points (B,L,h|H). Screen-shot of the DFHRS-software version 4.2.

The DFHRS-database Brazil is ready for the use on GNSS-controllers an for setting up the RTCM height transformation message for GNSS positioning service providers in Brazil (, Fig.2 shows the isoline plot of the computed Brazil Geoid N.

Fig. 2: Isolines of the Brazil Geoid 2012 computed with the DFHRS software version 4.2.

Geodetic Infrastructures for GNSS Positioningservices in BRAZIL 2013

6th German-Brazilian Symposium, Sustainable Development (6. Deutsch-Brasilianisches Symposium Nachhaltige Entwicklung, 6° Simpósio Brasil-Alemanha Desenvolvimente Sustentável), 29.09.2013 - 05.10.2013, Universidade Federal do Oeste do Pará, Santarem, Brasilien

Poster-Presentation: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reiner Jäger: "Geodetic Infrastructures for GNSS Positioning Services (GIPS) - General Concept and GIPS-Development for the State of Brazil"