DFHRS - Baden-Württemberg

In 2005 the first update of the DFHRS for Baden-Württemberg for NN-heights was computed. The update became necessary with the introduction of the new co-ordinates of the SAPOS reference stations in 2003. The 1cm DFHRS DB for the NHN92 Normal Height system has also been completed. It can - with respect to the introduction of the new German/European Normal Height system NHN92 as official HRS for Baden-Württemberg, starting at 1-January-2008 - be ordered from now.

All DFHRS databases are related to the above ellipsoidal co-cordinates 2003 of the 130 BWRef-Points.

Fig.1: Plot of the isolines of the DFHRS Baden-Württemberg with colored representation of the accuracy.

Further information concerning the DFHRS of Baden-Württemberg can be found at the Landesamt für Geoinformation und Landesentwicklung Baden-Württemberg (LGL) (see http://www.sapos-bw.de/gps_hoehe.htm) and at IB-Seiler .