DFHRS (Digital FEM Height-Reference-Surface) Software and DFHRS Tools-Software

The DFHRS (Digital FEM Height Reference Surface) Software aims at the computation of precise fitted height references surfaces (HRS), such as Geoid- or QGeoid models N, which are stored after the computation as parametrized DFHRS databases (DFHRS_DB). A DFHRS_DB can be used on a GNSS-controller or for a setting up for RTCM transformation messages for GNSS-based heighting. By H=h-N the GNSS height h can directly be transformed from the ellipsoidial GNSS height h to the physical height H, by the use of the DFHRS_DB.

The DFHRS-software © Institute of Applied Research (IAF), Karlsruhe University of Applied Research, (HSKA) has been developed in C++ starting in 2000, and is presently further developed under Visual Studio 2010. The DFHRS-software runs on Windows-XP and Windows-7 and is protected with a hard-key, which can also be used on a network server.

The software DFHRS-Tools-Software is used for the DFHRS-Database Access, meaning to transform (B,L,h) to (B,L,H). The tools software can be provided as a desktop version, as well as a DLL for an implementation into other software packages