DFHRS-Software Version 5.0

The DFHRS software 5.0 will be able to process in addition also gravity observations. The mathematical model of the integrated adjustment approach of the DFHRS software, version 5.0 parametrizes the gravity potential W in a regional Spherical Cap Harmonic (SCHA) representation, namely by the SCHA-coefficients (C'nm,S'nm). As observation data the input the coefficients (Cnm,Snm) of a global geopotential model (GPM), such as e.g. EGM 2008 can be used, which are mapped to regional SCHA-coefficients (C'nm,S'nm). Further observations of the least squares adjustment with the parameters p =(C'nm,S'nm) are observed gravity values g(B,L,h), vertical deflection observations (ξ,η), e.g. from zenith-cameras, and identical points (B,L,h | H). The HRS results from the computed SHA parameters p =(C'nm,S'nm) and W(C'nm,S'nm), respectively basically by the theorem of Bruns, namely as QGeoid NQG. NQG can be further evaluated to a Geoid N model. The results NQG and N can be mapped again to a HRS, which is represented by the above polynomial parameters p or by a traditional HRS Grid.